Private viewing 17th of March, 7:30 pm

Exhibition 18th of March until 11th of April

We love to find meaning in random patterns. The 3 million-year-old Makapansgat Pebble at the Evolutionary Studies Institute in Johannesburg suggests that the cultural significance of Mimetoliths may have preceded sculpture.

With his eye’s focal length attenuated by 25 years working as a gardener, Fritz Catlin’s strolls on the beach are interrupted by the call of the Stoneheads.

Shaped by sea, stone and mineral deposition, these puckish survivors of the shingles battering assume identities friendly or menacing, as in our dreams. The more you invest in them as characters, the more they become animistic deities of the beach.

Catlin’s pairings and assemblages, mounted on recycled roof slate, cigar boxes and beachcombed stone and metal, are shrine pieces to an age before reason.